Our Team

A competent and cohesive team is an indispensable component of any law company that wants to justify the confidence of the customers.

Individuality and teamwork: two-in-one

The team of our firm is not so big, but it is cohesive and has a clear structure. Having turned to one lawyer, you get the services of the whole company. Such an approach allows us to find the most effective solutions, provide professional legal services exactly within the specified minimum time limits, pay appropriate attention to our customers at every stage of the projects realization.

A couple of words about the chief and partners


Taras Stadnyk
Managing Partner

The crucial member of our team is the person who sets the pace and rules of work – our leader Taras Stadnyk, the partner, advocate, member of the Association of Ukrainian Lawyers and the National Bar Association of Ukraine. He specializes in commercial, administrative, corporate and tax law. The scope of legal practice includes extensive experience in banking and finance, particularly in disputes about bankruptcy and debt restructuring. Education: Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

Fluency in English and Ukrainian and diplomatic talent make him unbeatable in the negotiations that are a valuable part of professional in the law. Taras keeps his hands on the pulse of the latest changes and trends in legislation. He regularly provides advice on issues of foreign trading, real estate, mortgage and complaints regarding penalties to the mortgaged property. Also takes active participation in seminars and conferences. Taras has successful experience at representation in general, commercial and administrative courts, as developed by him legal opinions are based not only on the provisions of the current legislation, but also taking into account the relevant jurisprudence.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.


Hennadiy Vlakhno

Conspicuous role in our team plays the partner - Hennadiy Vlakhno, he has significant experience of senior positions at Internal revenue service field offices in Kiev. Brilliant knowledges he got at the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. He specializes on issues of tax law and customs matters, trade and distribution. Also he advising on restructuring and tax optimization issues provides legal assistance to taxpayers. The activity also includes the field of international commercial transactions.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

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Our values

All the members of our team have the same values: